Why do you need an English teacher?

I like to ask my students about their relationships with English and tell them that it's ok to say "I hate English!" and a lot of people do say so. Forced to have English lessons by external circumstances, they are shivering from disgust, looking for a teacher, and come to class with the visible desperation in their eyes.

This miserable picture reveals the first argument contra hiring an English teacher: childhood trauma caused by a school teacher.

Another serious concern in this department is the Internet.

It is full of materials and guides, on Instagram or Facebook you can find plenty of free speaking groups. One can even do some downloading (if you know what I mean) and get all books one wants for free. Thus, the question stays, "why, in God's name, I need a teacher?"

So, a teacher or solo learning?

Here are three solid reasons why you will do better with a teacher:

  • A teacher works as a lighthouse. Being a learner, even the most advanced ones, is not easy to sail in this ocean of free resources, looking for those that will help you. Defining your own challenges might be a hurdle, and more to find materials that will fit your tasks. That is where a teacher comes handy. She or he will not only specify your main difficulties but show you a way to the light with a course designed especially for you.

  • A teacher comprises. We all have ups and downs, and when your motivation goes down the drain, it is crucial to have somebody standing by your side. The teacher will support you, give you a hand, and encourage you to move on.

  • A teacher will bring sustainability. We all know keeping self-motivation up is tough, no matter what you do. The further you go, the more self-indulgent you become. "I can do it later," "Give me a break," "I worked hard so I can allow myself a small holiday," and their name is legion. The teacher will help you to stay on track and move ahead without halts.

And hey, times have changed since you were in primary school, nobody will chase you around with the grammar exercises. At least I won't. Just contact me and check it out.

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