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I recently contacted a student who asked me to teach him using the Singapore method. Until then I did not know it, and when I searched for information about it I realized that I was putting it into practice when I gave my private classes, since I always try to make my students critically understand the concepts and not become a parrot that He repeats everything and memorizes it.

In the vast and dynamic world of mathematics education, we are always looking for effective methods that help students understand, apply concepts and learn as quickly as possible. And this strategy that has gained global recognition is the Singapore Method. In this blog, we are going to explore what the Singapore Method is, how it works and how it can be applied by a private tutor like me to teach students in an effective and fun way.

What is the Singapore Method?

The Singapore Method is its focus on using concrete and visual materials to help students visualize abstract concepts. This approach seeks to develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts through the physical manipulation of objects and graphical representation.

How does it work?

The Singapore Method focuses on several key steps:

-Concrete: Begins with the manipulation of concrete materials, such as blocks, chips or bars, to represent mathematical problems in a tangible and accessible way.

-Pictorial: Students advance to pictorial or diagrammatic representations of problems using drawings, diagrams, or graphic models to visualize mathematical concepts.

-Abstract: students work with abstract representations of problems, using symbols and conventional mathematical notation to solve and express solutions.

This step-by-step approach allows students to develop deep understanding and meaningful connections between mathematical concepts, allowing them to approach a variety of problems flexibly and creatively.

As a private tutor, the Singapore Method offers an excellent opportunity to actively engage your students and build a solid foundation in mathematics. This is because you can adapt lessons to each student's individual needs, using examples and activities that challenge their level of understanding and mathematical skills. Activities and problems can also be designed that encourage critical thinking and problem solving, using the modeling approach to help students visualize and understand the concepts involved.

Of course we can also use periodic formative assessments to monitor student progress and adjust your teaching approach as necessary to address areas of difficulty and strengthen areas of strength.

In summary, the Singapore Method offers an effective, student-centered approach to teaching mathematics and science, and as a private tutor, you have the opportunity to take advantage of this approach to help your students develop a strong and lasting understanding of mathematical concepts. By integrating concrete material manipulation, pictorial representations, and problem solving, you can create a rich learning environment that inspires your students to explore and discover the wonderful world of mathematics. In addition, this gives students the opportunity to have critical and creative thinking.

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